All in one-place vendor qualification and contract management platform tailor made for the pharma industry


Pharma Focus
  • Designed to address the unique needs of the pharma industry.
  • An end-to-end solution geared towards regulatory compliance.
Enterprise Platform
  • placta is a cloud-based scalable solution that enables engaging ‘business partner’ on both Buy-side and Sell-side
  • Digital platform that allows streamlining internal operations by providing delightful customer experience
AI/ML Driven
  • Supplier management insights to help manage contracts proactively and enable businesses deliver on their quality and client commitments
Our Product Offering
A customer centric digital solution to build trusted experience between B2B manufacturers and suppliers.

placta is a partner engagement platform specifically designed to simplify the manufacturers and suppliers’ engagement in the pharmaceutical industry by supporting vendor qualification, onboarding, and on-going contract compliance. With placta's user-friendly digital platform, you will be able to make up-to-date information available to your partner, be it your customer or your supplier.

When your partners login to your account in, in a single portal they will be able to engage with vendors and various internal departments based on the access controls you decide for them leading to:
  • much increased visibility with the status of pending queries and requests
  • easy and quick traceability in the information shared between your companies
  • proactive alerting and monitoring of the deviations from the vendor service agreements
  • reduction of the dependence on emails and manual errors in fulfilling business requirements and in the follow-ups
  • avoidance of duplication in your efforts to share the same documents with multiple partners and
  • many more benefits depending on the size and complexity of your business across the world


  • Maximising benefits for the customer is a contineous journey
  • Open mindedness leads to better outcomes
  • Innovation with Integrity
  • Empowering individuals is our mantra
  • Do what's right each time and every time
  • Building product and relationships with trust and balance


Hello! placta’ers are an impossibly system-driven individuals filled with passion to make an impact. But we have not allowed this to take away the fun out of our everyday lives. We truly believe in the transformative power of technology and design because of their ability to increase reliability, simplify communications, elevate experiences, and to engage and inspire people everywhere.

Good technology is best only when it helps you to become great in what you do! And we know placta would make you great with your partners. Our commitment is to offer you and your partners an easy-to-use modern technology with positive and engaging experience. And when we do this with integrity, ethics and passion, it becomes a lot of fun for all of us.

Our Team  

Our team is led by senior professionals with more than 40 years of combined experience in multiple industries including pharma manufacturing, technology, and finance.


Changing dynamics and customer expectations

In the very competitive pharmaceutical industry, many companies treat the terms “product” and “brand” synonymously. But a brand is not a physical product; it is the set of associations a product or service engenders in the minds of its users. And the distinction is a critical one. Products have no long-term sustainability as products are eventually superseded by rival products with superior features or generic substitutes. Brands, by contrast, can be sustained Indefinitely.

placta aims to help you in making your company's brand bigger and better.

Increased regulatory scrutiny needs greater efficiency and effectiveness

China and India, which are the largest producers of APIs for the U.S. drug supply, also account for most of the FDA regulatory actions. Not only do quality problems at Chinese and Indian firms raise troubling questions about the safety and efficiency of drugs in the American supply chain, they can also lead to shortages of essential drugs. Of the 75 warnings letters the FDA sent out since early 2018, 37—or nearly half—were leveled against manufacturers in India or China, the Pharmaceutical Journal reports. During the same span, the European Medicines Agency posted 22 compliance notices with 14, or 64%, going to those two countries. While those figures reflect China and India's prime position in global API production, they also underscore the concerns U.S. regulators have raised about the vulnerability of the country's drug supply.


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